Semester is over! Yay! Got all As and made the Dean’s List! Yay! I’m all graduated with my BS! Yay!

Now I’m working on my grad application, due July 1. Easy parts are done. Hard parts are left. I forgot  how much I hate asking for references until I had to do it again and then it all came back to me. It’s like going up to people and saying “Hey! Say nice stuff about me!” That’s just weird. So thus far I’ve got 1 lovely person on board to write me a letter. I need another letter and 3 more professional references. I’ll work up to the rest…eventually…

Meanwhile, I’m working on the Statement of Goals part. How to make it under the word limit and not sound too cheesy?


About bittybookworm

Cataloging librarian seeking library, archive, or museum. I used to read college Psychology textbooks for fun in Junior High. I am that person at parties who is usually found hovering near the snacks, probably interacting more with the host's pets or children than with the host and other adult guests, and poring over their book and media collections to secretly gauge which items I may be interested in borrowing in future and which of my items would be appropriate to lend in return. In December 2012, I graduated from Florida State University with a Masters of Library and Information Studies degree, which may put that previous bunch of information into some sort of context.

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