So Max is currently living in Dad’s place. Max was Dad’s companion. He’s an 11 year old, pure-breed Boxer who is super-sweet. When Adrian moves there will be no one to look after him. ):


Max in 2005, smiling!

Max was adopted at 4 or 5 years old by my brother. Max had been abused and starved by his previous owners. Instead of being aggressive as a result of his ill-treatment, Max was scared of everything and everyone. After some time, he stopped being scared and became very playful and cuddly, and mostly obedient. We all love Max and his funny face.

My brother can’t take him because he will be living in an apartment that does not allow big dogs. My Mom can’t take him because she has 2 cats that live outside, and Max does not make friends with cats. And I can’t take him because I live in a small house with a yard that is not fenced in. ): Mom contacted a no-kill shelter about him, but they only take “adoptable dogs,” not old dogs. Poor Max is the one who will end up suffering most because of Dad’s death. We can try the Coastal Boxer Rescue, but I’m not holding out hope for that to work out.

Anyone want a sweet old dog? Please?

he's so serious in this one

Max in 2005, being a good boy. He was told to sit, so he sat and awaited further instruction. Now his snout is white and sitting requires more effort, but he’s still a good boy.

Please contact me if you’re interested in Max. christine.olano (at), or DM me on twitter healthychrstine, or message me on facebook.

And if not, please pass this on anyway. Thanks.


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