Hi there! It’s been a while. It’s my second week as a Copy Cataloger and I’m still just getting used to it. There’s so much to learn! And I’m only at the very beginning of what I’ll have to learn to do!

Just an example of the fun cataloging I get to do: Yesterday I got to look up whether “Combustion, Spontaneous human” is an authorized Library of Congress subject heading. (It is.) And today I used my Google skills to find out whether or not to catalog a book in a series or not since the book itself says absolutely nothing about being part of a series, but the OCLC record for that book contained a note saying that it was a sequel. (Answer was yes. Added proper series statement and series added entry.)

Anyway, I am staying in the guest house of one of my coworker’s in-laws and have been carpooling with her since she drops her kids off and picks them up there every day during the summer. Then, on July 13, I will be moving into the cute little house that one of my coworkers is renting. I feel like I’ve been very very lucky.

I think I’ve been doing ok with the cataloging stuff thus far, and apparently I’ve impressed the Library Director with my Information Architecture know-how because she said she might give me a few extra hours so that I can help the folks who are supposed to be working on the website. (We were asked during a staff meeting if we had any suggestions for improving the website… and I had many… which were then forwarded to the Library Director by my department head.) I have also been helping to sort out all the parts and necessary bits that make up 2 cubicles, and am good at it, so they have to keep me because I’m the only one who will know how to put the things together when they need to. So… I may just make myself useful enough to end up with a full time, permanent position. (; We’ll see.


About bittybookworm

Cataloging librarian seeking library, archive, or museum. I used to read college Psychology textbooks for fun in Junior High. I am that person at parties who is usually found hovering near the snacks, probably interacting more with the host's pets or children than with the host and other adult guests, and poring over their book and media collections to secretly gauge which items I may be interested in borrowing in future and which of my items would be appropriate to lend in return. In December 2012, I graduated from Florida State University with a Masters of Library and Information Studies degree, which may put that previous bunch of information into some sort of context.

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