The following conversation is what reminded me that I do, in fact, have this blog that was supposed to be (at least in part) about my library job search experiences:

me: well I can’t do this all day…I read about anne hathaway which led to reading about germaine greer which led to The Australian ugliness which led to cultural cringe which led to A. A. Phillips
Colin: welcome to my life
me: i can only think to break the vicious cycle with another one though
or working on applications
Colin: yes! work on the maryland thing
me: which has become a Sisyphean thing for me…
work on resume, work on cover letter, fill out endless online application, hear nothing, rework resume, write new cover letter, fill out online application, hear nothing…
Colin: yea :/
me: i will be pushing this damn boulder up this fucking rock for the rest of my stupid life
lol my cover letter at some point will just say “JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING JOB”
Colin: 😀

So… Hmmm… It has been a very long time.

Let’s see… so many things I could have blogged about since my last post… picking up where we left off in 2013… Dad died; that you know. I got a job in Pensacola. That you also know. Ah Yes. Then Max died. I got a full time position at the library in Pensacola. Then I took over the position of Head Cataloger when my predecessor became Head of the children’s department. I found out my identity was stolen via my social security number. Then, 2014… I finished with all of the 6+ month backlog of new fiction and AV cataloging, and 90% of the donations that I started with as a Copy Cataloger. My student loans were “reassessed” and I ended up charged 7 times more than the previous year which left me without enough money to… anything… despite having a full time job and a raise. I found out my dog has cancer. Consolidated loans with possibility of public service loan forgiveness. My mom got cancer. My paternal grandma, with whom my family lived until I was 12, was gravely ill. (Both of these I found out about in the same phone call.) I visited my mom toward the end of her chemo treatments. I got a kidney infection. My grandma died. (Both of those I found out about in the same day. I didn’t get to go to the funeral.) Mom got better and was pronounced all clear… 2015: Celebrated 10 year anniversary with Colin by riding in a helicopter (something off of my bucket list). Mom is back in chemo with a devastating prognosis. I am at home from work today with supposedly a strained knee, but the doctor said she didn’t really know what the problem was so if treating it as a strain doesn’t help in a week, I should call her to get a referral to an orthopedist. And Colin and I have been living apart this whole time. So there you have my rest-of-2013, 2014, and 2015-so-far; almost 2 years of mostly suckage in a nutshell. You’re all caught up, blog readers! I have been trying my best to be as positive and proactive as I can manage about all of those things, with varying degrees of success.

I have been applying for other jobs any/everywhere, but mostly only for jobs that will point me more in the direction of where I want to end up (and so that Colin and I can move somewhere together again “as soon as possible”). In over a year, nothing at all has come of applying for jobs except total, crushing, discouraging silence or (much less often) unhelpful, generic rejection form-letters about volume of applicants.


If not so much my health, at least I have my sense of humor! And chocolate. I have some chocolate, too. Though not for long…


About bittybookworm

Cataloging librarian seeking library, archive, or museum. I used to read college Psychology textbooks for fun in Junior High. I am that person at parties who is usually found hovering near the snacks, probably interacting more with the host's pets or children than with the host and other adult guests, and poring over their book and media collections to secretly gauge which items I may be interested in borrowing in future and which of my items would be appropriate to lend in return. In December 2012, I graduated from Florida State University with a Masters of Library and Information Studies degree, which may put that previous bunch of information into some sort of context.

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