Jack and I studying.

My name is Christine Olano and I am a newly minted librarian. I am a collaborative leader who focuses on quality and user needs. I am resourceful, easily adapt to new technologies, and love trying new things. I speak English and Spanish fluently, can have very basic conversations in Japanese, and can read a bit of French, Italian, and Portuguese.

I love animals, movies, video games, art, food, social media, and books… not necessarily in that order. I also love learning about different cultures, religions, and languages. I believe that everyone has something good and valid to contribute to the world.

To find out what I’ve been reading and watching this year, see my 50/50 2013 page.

Whatever else I have to say about myself doesn’t really matter, does it? Other people are probably better judges of my character anyway, so here’s a glimpse of what other people think of me.

A more personal bio can be found here: http://about.me/christineolano