• Computer Literacy (Online) (CGS 2060)
  • Problem Solving With OOP (Java) (COP2258)
  • Database Concepts (LIS2780)
  • Technical Communication for Information Professionals (LIS3021)
  • Research & Data Analysis (LIS3201)
  • Information Science (LIS3267)
  • Technologies (LIS3353)
  • Information Systems and Services (ASP.Net) (LIS3706)
  • Advanced Database Management (LIS3781)
  • Information Organization and Communication (LIS3784)
  • Information Architecture (LIS3793)
  • Systems Approach to the Information Environment (LIS4264)
  • Electronic Media Production (LIS4301)
  • Perspectives on Information Technology (LIS4708)
  • Health Informatics (LIS4785)
  • Information Technology Project (LIS4910)
  • IT Leadership (LIS4930)
  • Web Design & Programming (LIS4930)


(“Note: At FSU, minors are not posted on your transcript and are not included on your diploma…. A minor in Art History consists of fifteen hours of coursework in the department. Any five Art History courses may be applied to this requirement.” – FSU Department of Art History. )

  • Art Appreciation (ARH 1000)
  • History & Criticism of Art I (ARH3056)
  • History & Criticism of Art II (ARH3057)
  • Art & Architecture in Ancient Italy (ARH3150)
  • Etruscan Art & Archaeology (ARH4120)

Just for the fun of it:

  • Beginning Ballet I (DAA1200)
  • Family Relationships & Life Development (FAD2230)
  • Stretch & Relaxation (PEM1121)
  • Basic Weight Training (PEM1131)
  • Self Defense/Martial Arts (Tai Chi) (PEM1405)


See Relevant Undergraduate Coursework for description of select courses, and leadership/collaboration, writing, and work examples.