LIS 3793 – Information Architecture

Leader- Group Project: Sharing TREE

Information Architecture is a Service Learning Course, meaning that the work we did was for an actual client. Sharing TREE is a non-profit organization which offers free school supplies to Leon County teachers. Our class was asked to create a website to be used as their primary marketing vehicle. Three different teams worked on this project, and I was fortunate enough to be the leader of Team 2. My teammates were a great bunch. I delegated tasks and set deadlines and they happily did all that I asked of them. Any problems that arose were dealt with efficiently and creatively.

There were a few bumps along the way to completing this project though. As sometimes happens with clients, our contact at Sharing TREE was a very busy lady who was hard to get hold of whenever we had questions. Also, after a few weeks of work, she contacted our teacher to say that she had been given a new, much sooner deadline to have the site up and running, and would have to hire an outside agency to build the site faster.

The three teams working on Sharing TREE were given the option of either continuing to work on the same site, having another teacher sit in as a mock client, or to switch to a different project. My team and I decided to stick with Sharing TREE. We thought that perhaps if we designed a really great site they’d end up using our design, or at least some aspects of it anyway. If not, we could pass our work along to a similar organization elsewhere for their use. Ultimately, the client got in touch with our teacher at the end of the semester and asked to see the class’ work as Sharing TREE did not yet have a site up.

I am proud of the work that my team did and I had a lot of fun with the assignments. Samples of our work are downloadable below. (Word 2007 required to view files.)

Team 2 Project Plan – This assignment laid out everything we understood about the project and what we intended to do to complete it. This includes a Work Breakdown Schedule.

Team 2 Client and Audience Analysis – Here we laid out our understanding of our client’s needs and the potential audience of the website.

Persona/Scenario (Individual Assignment) – Each team member was tasked with creating a detailed Persona and Scenario of a prototypical user group. I had a lot of fun with this assignment.

Meeting Minutes 1 – I lead and took down minutes for every meeting. These are minutes for the first meeting with our mock-client.

Meeting Minutes 2

Meeting Minutes 3

Home Page Wireframe (Individual Assignment) – I created the Wireframe for the Sharing TREE home page using team member ideas, referring to the results of our card sorting exercise, and client suggestions.

Team 2 Sharing TREE Paper Prototype – This is the final result; a mockup of the team’s vision for the Sharing TREE website. Each member worked on two different pages. I created the home page and sitemap and then compiled everyone’s work into one document for submission.

LIS 4264 – Systems Approach in the Information Environment

This course required several individual and group assignments. I was lucky again to have a great team. We worked together to create work flow diagrams, Relational diagrams, requirements analyses, migration plans, etc. It was hard work, but we always finished assignments ahead of deadline and had fun in our meetings while working on assignments.

Team 4 Assignment 5: Star Schema: Affordable Insurance, Inc. Case – We were given a brief description of the business and a basic Entity Relationship Diagram of the business’ database and asked to create a Star Schema based on the given information.

Team4 Assignment 7: Migration Plan: Sky View Case – The team was given a description of Sky View’s business rules and processes and asked to advise Sky View on implementing and migrating to a new system.

Team 4 Milestone 1: System Requirements and ERDs: Cheap College Books Case – For this assignment we were given information about the business rules of Cheap College Books bookstore and asked to identify the functional and non-functional requirements and create Entity Relationship Diagrams for their database.

Team 4 Milestone 2: Work Flow: Cheap College Books Case – Based on the previous milestone and class discussion we were asked to create work flow diagrams for Cheap College Books.

Team 4 Milestone 3: Relational Diagram: Cheap College Books Case – Based on the previous two milestones, we were asked to create a relational Diagram for Cheap College Books. We worked on this assignment on my Birthday. I brought cake, sodas, and snacks to both celebrate and make a potentially tedious assignment bearable. Seriously, this thing took hours.

LIS 4930 – IT Leadership

I worked in two different groups in this class, as a co-leader in one group (WhyIT) and as a member in another (Game Day). This course involved giving presentations and progress reports to the class every week, after which the instructor would critique our time-management and presentation. On Tuesdays, we learned about  management skills and techniques, including many self-evaluation exercises to determine our own leadership style and effectiveness. We also tried out several different team-building exercises first-hand in random groups every Thursday.

Jordan wrote the lyrics and performed the rap, the rest of us (Wayne, Courtney, and yours truly) did lip synch and traded off running the camera. I edited (using Final Cut Pro) with input from Courtney. It was fun, but took a long time.

I wrote the script and ran the camera; Courtney performed and edited.

We needed a third video, I had already written the script which was approved by the group, and I wanted an excuse to play with xtranormal, so I made this.

LIS 3353 – Technologies

This course involved history of computers, review of several basic aspects of computer technologies, and taught students how to keep abreast of new and emerging information technologies. We also discussed how current technologies could be employed in new ways, analyzed emerging technologies  and discussed possible uses for emerging technologies beyond the intentions stated by the creators.

Wikis I Have Created/ Contributed to

Grid Computing :  This wiki was created for LIS3353 – Technologies. In this course we were taught many basic technical terms and made to research many more. One of our assignments was to work with a group to create a wiki about a term we found interesting but for which there was not already a wiki on the class site. We did our best to explain Grid Computing in simple terms.

Regenstrief Medical Records System : This wiki was created for LIS 4785 – Health Informatics.  One of our assignments was to create a wiki about a term we found interesting but for which there was not already a wiki on the class site. It was a bit more difficult to find resources on the topic than I thought it would be, but I felt it turned out well.

Predictive Analytics : This is not technically a wiki because no one can add or change content but me, but it is an example of writing about technology in terms that a non-tech-savvy person can understand. This was created for the XHTML assignment for LIS 4930 – Web Design and Programming.

Other Websites I have created

Web Design with Christine Olano – This site was created solely for the Web Design and Programming course. The teacher (Ken Baldauf) listed it as one of his 10 favorite designs of the class. I was pretty proud of that and I had fun making it. (: